Deserts and Valleys - Arwinder & Susan

The Sky Rock Petroglyphs located near Bishop, CA are a special and scared place indeed. Sky Rock is kept secret from the general public due to its special patterns and its rarity. Those people in “the know” don’t share its location so that fewer people will visit and its condition could be kept as pristine as natural forces allow. After a fair bit of searching online, I was able to narrow down the possibilities. So, off I headed for a hike not sure how things would pan out. To my pleasant surprise I was able to locate the petroglyph without too much trouble (Phew!).

It was fascinating to see the enormous petroglyph firsthand and consider the artist who, probably many hundreds of years ago, composed the intricate petroglyph forms. I have to admit that standing alone above Sky Rock taking in the extraordinary distant views of the High Sierra and the overall magnitude of the high plateau was very inspirational. A beautiful sunset made the evening even more special!

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