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Roar of the Toketee

Toketee Falls, on the North Umpqua River located off Hwy 138, is one of Oregon's most beautiful waterfalls renowned for its graceful columnar basalt formation framing the two-stepped falls. The North Umpqua River has carved a devious and twisting narrow gorge out of the basalt lava flow, resulting in a waterfall of 113 feet in height - a 28 foot upper tier which plunges into a deep punchbowl pool flanked by a deep alcove, followed by the impressive 85 foot plunge into a large emerald pool.
The main observation deck is easy to get to and involves a short 1/3 mile hike. However, getting to the bottom is different matter as there is no official trail and it took a couple of tries before I built up the courage to attempt the trip down :). The first 30-40 feet are a steep drop down a cliff and one basically has to hang on to tree roots and rocks to avoid an uncontrolled ride down. I almost gave up after the first 10-15 feet. Fortunately, I had come prepared with an extra rope which I was able to tie to a nearby root and maneuver the remaining steep drop. Once you get past the initial steep drop it is relatively easy to get to the bottom and it was definitely well worth the effort.

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